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(July 2005) I have made some life style changes, I sold my house in Golden, CO and decided to do some traveling and I am now a fulltime RVer. I live in Arizona most of the year, but work during the summer doing communications on Wildfires and Hurricanes for a type 1 Incident Management Team and stay in the Denver area.

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Current Location of motor home (APRS - amateur radio)
Current Location of Jeep (APRS - amateur radio)
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Feb 17 - Mar 8Camped on Ogilby Road in CA (18 mi NW of Yuma, AZ) having supper with friends

Feb 21Old gold mine near American Girl Mine.

Feb 4 Still about 7 miles south of Quartzsite, AZ. Camped with friends from CO and AZ

Jan 13 Current location is about 7 miles south of Quartzsite, AZ. Camped in the desert attending Quartzfest, a ham radio gathering.

2012/2011 Below Here ----------

Mar 24 Moved to the Tucson area for Hamfest and then camped about 10 miles SW of Tucson, AZ.

Mar 5 - Mar 23 Camped at North Ranch near Congress, AZ.

Feb 19 - Mar 5 Camped in the Yuma, AZ area.

Feb 10 - Feb 18 Camped on Ogilby Road 20 miles NW of Yuma, AZ.

Jan 30 - Feb 10 Camped at Lake Cahuilla Recreational Area near La Quinta, CA about 30 miles south east of Palm Springs.

Jan 28 - Jan 30 Palm Springs for the Desert Rats Hamfest.

Jan 14 - Jan 27 Traveled from Congress, AZ to Quartzsite, AZ for the Quartzfest ham radio rally that starts the 21th.

Nov 28 - Dec 3 Traveling from Little Rock to Congress with overnight stops in Weatherford, TX, Pecos, TX, Tucson, AZ, and Mesa, AZ. Took time in Pecos to go through the 'West of the Pecos' museum. This was a really good museum.

Nov 1 - Nov 5 Traveling from Denver to Little Rock, AR. Had a snow storm along the way and spent a couple of days in Colby and Hays Kansas.

Oct 26 - Oct 27 Early Snow in the Denver Area

Sep 5 Memorial Day Party at Lake Dennis with Dennis and Deb's family, my sister Ann, niece Sara and her kids.

Jul 31 Burro Races in Fairplay, CO

Jul 15 Thunderstorms the last 10 days or so with lots of rain.

May 4 Arrived in Brighton, CO where I will spend the summer with some side trips and wildfire assignments.

May 3 Left Alamogordo, NM and headed to Denver. Stayed overnight in Trinidad, CO.

Apr 28 - May 2 Arrived in Alamogordo, NM where I will be for a few days exploring the area and White Sands.

Apr 27 Left North Ranch and headed for an over night in Deming, NM.

Apr 17 Back at North Ranch in Congress, AZ.

Apr 16 Hamfest in Glendale, AZ.

Apr 3 - Apr 15 Assigned to a wildfire (Crystal Fire) in Ft. Collins, CO with Rocky Mountain Type 1 Incident Management Team.

Apr 1 - Apr 2 Ten miles west of Tucson, AZ for a couple of weeks and to attend my annual 1-day wildland fire safety refresher.

Mar 25 - Mar 26 In Tucson for the weekend for the hamfest.

Mar 11 - Mar 12 Headed into Scottsdale, AZ today, having supper with my niece Beth and her husband Jason tonight and then attending the Scottsdale Hamfest on Saturday.

Mar 3 - Mar 11 Packing up and moving to North Ranch in Congress, AZ.

Feb 20 - Mar 3 Moved to BLM land next to the VFW about 10 miles NE of Yuma, AZ.

Feb 17 - Feb 20 Packing Camp this morning and moving to the fairgrounds in Yuma, AZ. for the hamfest this weekend.

Feb 5 - Feb 17 Moved camp to Ogilby Road (Calif) about 20 miles NW of Yuma, AZ.

Feb 1 - Feb 5 Camped a few miles west of Salton City, CA (West side of the Sealton Sea) on the road to Boreggo Springs.

Jan 27 - Jan 31 Camped in Palm Springs, CA at the Desert Rats Ham club hamfest.

Jan 13 - Jan 27 Camped about 7 miles south of Quartzsite, AZ attending QuartzFest Jan 22-28

Jan 8 Went to a hamfest in Glendale, AZ.

Jan 1 Spend New Years with friends in Congress, AZ.

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